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Comcast Cable

Comcast High Speed Internet (CHSI) provides a variety of features and benefits that will help you get the most from your computer. One of the biggest features is speed. With CHSI, you'll experience Internet speeds that are up to 73 times faster than your dial-up modem and more than twice as fast as DSL. That means you'll be able to listen to music, watch videos, get downloads, view web sites, and play games faster and smoother than ever before. Plus, you're always connected to the Internet so you can check your e-mail, read the news, or check out the weather any time you want without waiting for a slow dial-up connection and without worrying about being disconnected when the servers are busy.

Besides those two incredible features, CHSI provides even more extras. You'll have full Internet service that includes your ISP (Internet Service Provider), up to 7 email accounts, web space, online storage, and a fully customizable web portal where you can go to check your Comcast account, read the latest news, and more 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Additionally, CHSI users have access to VideoMail which allows them to send video recordingings to friends and family members around the world, thousands of newsgroups so they can read and discuss the latest current events, Fantasy Football leagues where they can create their own teams and play them against others, MLB All Access so baseball fans can watch live video of their favorite teams in action during baseball season, Rhapsody so music fans can access over 650,000 songs instantly and legally, and Comcast Photo Center which allows users to create and store online photo albums so their friends and family can access them conveniently. Plus, CHSI provides two additional features for game lovers. One is Comcast Arcade which has more than 130 games available for instant download; the other is Games on Demand which gives you the chance to download and start playing the hottest PC game titles whenever you want without worrying about hardware requirements.

In addition to all of these incredible features, CHSI also provides exceptional customer service. Two levels of service are provided so you can choose the one that fits your needs and your budget. Technical support is available over the phone, through online chat rooms, via e-mail, and with a self-help section on the web which answers the most common problems users have, so you can get the solutions you need when you need them. You can also manage your account 24/7 via the Internet so you always stay informed. Not to mention, Planeta which is a co-branded Spanish-language site that provides CHSI customers with music and other interactive content based on Hispanic culture and news.

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