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EarthLink Internet Services

EarthLink provides the latest cutting edge Internet packages to more than 4.9 million subscribers in communities across the United States. Since 1994 when EarthLink began as a dial-up provider, the company has continued to grow and diversify.

Since 2000, EarthLink broadband service is continuing to grow by leaps and bounds enable by the investment from Sprint. Through partnerships with other leading broadband providers, EarthLink has been able to reach a wide array of communities nationwide with service plans designed to meet the specific needs of residential customers in an efficient and cost-effective manner.

EarthLink also cares about customer service. In fact, the company is tied for the top spot in broadband customer satisfaction.

EarthLink DSL is only one of the company's services, however. The company also provides dial-up, broadband cable, and satellite Internet connections and home networking services.

EarthLink DSL is provided through partnerships with SBC, Verizon, and BellSouth. EarthLink Cable Broadband is provided through Time Warner and EarthLink satellite in partnership with Directway.

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